Assoc. Prof. Hanyang Wang, Shandong Jianzhu University, China

Dr. Wang is an associate professor at Shandong Jianzhu University. She received her Master's degree in architecture from the University of Liverpool and her PhD in architecture from Waseda University. Her research focuses on modern Japanese architectural education history, particularly the pre-war architectural education at Waseda University. Dr. Wang's doctoral research filled a gap in the current research on architectural education. Through historical research, she discovered a special form of architectural education - distance education - and conducted in-depth research on it.

Dr. Wang's research revealed the architecture education approach of Waseda University. Even in difficult educational circumstances, the university promoted national modernization by issuing lecture notes and nurturing engineers who met national construction requirements. The university's architecture education provided technical support for national modernization and provided education and employment opportunities for students during the war. Dr. Wang's research redefined the role and status of Waseda architecture in Japanese architecture from pre-war to post-war periods. Currently, she is preparing to publish her research findings as a book. She is also an excellent photographer and has served as a photographer for several international projects.